10 things to do when you don't want to sleep

February 29, 2016

No surprises to when I wrote this one...

Maybe it's just me, but every once in a while, just at bed time I get the overwhelming urge to do anything but sleep. I'm not even the tiniest bit tired but the whole house is silent, heck the whole neighbourhood is asleep and it's just me sitting there on my bed with enough energy left to run a marathon! (maybe not...)

So for anyone else struck with the need for something to do until the waves of sleep roll over you, here is my list of quiet things to do late at night.

#1 Catch up on Facebook/Twitter
They say that using technology just before bed makes sleeping harder so I'll get this one out of the way at the beginning.
I follow quite a few people on the other side of the world who are just starting there days when I'm heading to the land of nod. So go find some funky people from a massively different time zone and fill your feed with new content at all hours!

#2 Write a diary
Nows the perfect time to back fill this...
Whether you do this regularly or this is just a one off, quietly reflecting on your day may be exactly what you need. Maybe there has been something bugging you and preventing you from properly winding down. Put some pen to paper and get writing! If you don't feel sleepy and least you'll be relaxed.

#3 Do a blackheads strip.
Well I've got plenty of time...
Considering that you're not sleeping anyhow. Taking the next 10-15 minutes to clean your pores gives you something to do that isn't pointless!

#4 Extend your standard beauty routine.
Use some of those oils and creams that you usually can't be bothered with.
So this oil makes my face smell like play-doh but it's going to make me look ageless!

#5 Braid your hair.
Remember those braid you got when you went on that luxurious exotic holiday? Now is the perfect time to recreate them!

#6 Take the time to pamper your tootsie
The poor things have spent their lives carrying you around and now is the perfect time to lather them in cream and show them some love!

#7 100 Crunches anyone?
There is nothing, and I repeat nothing that will make you want to just lay back and try to sleep than 100 Crunches. Obviously if you do that in your daily workout then there is no challenge. But for someone slightly unfit like me, somewhere in attempting 100 crunches you will reach a point where you just say 'nope' and feel ready to sleep.

Settling down a bit?

#8 Read a book
The fatter the better
Be it fact or fiction a book is bound to send you to sleep eventually. So find a fat book lay down and get reading. You'll find that eventually the sentences will stop making sense or characters will start doing odd things (having a separate adventure with you on the side?) that's a good hint that you're drifting off to sleep.

#9 Lay back and create a fantasy world
Working out the logistic of a fictional world is something that will always send me to sleep. It all get too complicated for my brain and boom! It's the next morning...

And finally;
#10 Write a blog post!
Because all good things should be documented and photographed late at night obviously!

Sleep tight!



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