Goodbye Summer!

February 26, 2016

I can't say that I'm really sad that all the heat is going. Those crazy sizzling days where all you could do was lay very still and hope for a cool breeze to come from somewhere (we don't have an air conditioner at home).
I am sad for what the end of summer symbolises. The end of lazy days with little cares. The end of not learning anything and not feeling guilty. The end of beaches and well, summer.
So I thought that summer had already gone what with the last few weeks being quite cool comparatively. Then recently, just as a final hurrah we got hit with two days of hot, really hot.
But I have to face facts (and I hope the weather does too), February is coming to a close and taking the final bits of summer with it. So as a (hopeful) final summer goodbye I'm going to share my favourite summery dress.
Lazy days have been my favourite thing to do this summer, if you can call doing very little actually 'doing' something. I have loved reading and relaxing more than ever before. 
Heck, I was so relaxed didn't even realise that Uni was starting next week (oops!)
Being carefree is fun!
Summer has its own style different to all other seasons. You can't layer in summer (it's far too hot), tight clothing is saved for special occasions (because it's faaar too hot to be restricted) and if you like vintage clothing (like me) you  curse anything with a pretty coat for being so hot and  heavy...
Summer is the time that I look for single pieces that are light but still make me happy.
Funny story actually, when I first got the dress it had a puffy layer of uncomfortable netting at the base that made the skirt stick out so wide I felt like a child. I hated it so much that I just left it for at least a year, just hanging in my wardrobe.
Then I got to the point where it annoyed me by just sitting there that I chopped it off! I kept the rest of the petticoat so that the skirt stayed a little full but not nearly as much as before. Then I put it back in the wardrobe and left it for ages!
I wasn't really until this summer that I actually started wearing it. If anyone has done the maths I actually picked this dress up from the let's say, teen section (kids) at a warehouse sale ages back and just never liked it enough to wear it.
Now I do. Not enough dresses these days have contrasting details at the bottom, nor do they have wide shoulders and high necklines which save heaps of sun screening!

Safe to say, this summer, this dress, paired with some chunky red sandals from Target and a thin leather belt has been a staple going out anywhere really!

And so we say;
Farewell summer!
Until next time, stay cool *winky face*



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