Drip, Drip, Drop!

February 19, 2016

Just for anyone that's wondering, it's never a good idea to take photos in the rain...

Even when you're trying to show off your beautiful vintage raincoat...
Even when it's stop raining for that one millisecond...
Even when it's not actually that cold... (actually especially not then!)

With the weather reminding me almost every day that summer is ending, I thought that now was the best time to experiment with some autumnal fashion. (Actually I was going to shoot something else but it was bucketing down rain... so I've saved it for another day!)

When the rain starts pouring I immediately want to do one of two things, firstly find a good book and cuddle up in a somewhat gloomy corner to read or go outside. I love the rain. There is something so peaceful about walking in the rain (but only when you've got proper shoes!).
Head down, lost in your thoughts as the rain splashes down around you, soaking though your worries and washing them away.

With a love for rain, dressing appropriately is key.
I found this raincoat in a vintage shop on my (long) walk home from the (furthest) train station (because I wanted library books...). To be honest it was pure luck but when I saw it hanging outside the store (on a somewhat dreary day) I knew it was mine!

The coat is made from Terylene with a matching belt and detachable hood. It's a little on the big side with a big pleat down the back, which makes it far too large when done up but regardless, I love it!

I chose to keep the rest of my outfit simple a tartan scarf from my last market shopping trip, a 3/4 stretch top and Dangerfield floral skirt. Add some black tights and knee high boots and a walk in the rain is complete!
Until the rain gets heavier and you have to run quite fast to save the camera.
Lucky my coat is large enough to wrap around the camera and tripod as I run for cover!

Next time I think I'll wait till the rain has passed before taking photos.

Until then,


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