Touch of vintage and family bowling

February 12, 2016

Two of my favourite things in one post!
Contrary to beliefs this is actually not posed...
I have always loved bowling, heck I don't think I've ever been very good but there is something special about the thunder of the bowling ball as it races down the lane.

As my brother and I got older Sunday bowling nights were something that occurred more and more often. It was a time and place where we could all connect (and agree) together as a family. Eventually we went so often that the bummers were removed and we had to try and beat dad without the advantage.
Even now, as things get a little busier we can still find time no and again for a Sunday evening bowl.

Just like walking, bowling is something that you don't have to dress down for. I love to look at every opportunity (even a trip to the supermarket) as a chance to wear what you want and not what everyone expects.

Based on that belief I left the jeans and sloppy tees at home and cracked out my polka-dot skirt for a vintage inspired look!
I like to believe that I've built a wardrobe full of items with memories instead of just clothes. This skirt is one of them. I know it's hard to believe but this skirt is actually my black skirt.


The day I bought this from Dangerfield I was looking for a new black skirt. I fell in love with this one instead. It's high waist band and fuller skirt with lining makes it sit beautifully and flounce perfectly. Safe to say everything I bought that day was most definitely not black!
Bold as it is it hold a special place in my heart for its 'not so black'ness. I don't believe that I could even give it away and its ability to go with anything mean I shouldn't need to!

Special stories aside paired with my knit cropped blouse also from Dangerfield and peach cardigan from Target I felt very retro and very colourful! 
Perfect for a night bowling!

How do you spend time with the ones you love?



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