Why waiting will be the end of me

September 07, 2016

Ask many of my friends and they will tell you that I’m either dead on time or late (and sometimes quite late, sorry)

This wasn’t always the case though, I used to be extremely early. At school I used to leave home at 6:50am and often get to school by 7:45, why? Because I liked being early.
But slowly I learnt that the perks weren’t that great and by year 12 I was arriving as late as I could without being in line for a detention.

Then when I started university I began being very early again, choosing the earlier train instead of the perfect timed one, just in case…
But see now I know exactly how long it takes to get from the station to most lecture theatres (5 minutes, curse you stairs!) and have also picked the lecturers that start dead on time and those that waffle for the first 5 minutes.

However when it comes to people of, shall we call them ‘authority’ I still think that punctuality is key. Making someone who has taken time to meet with you wait is, in my opinion, poor. (I also live in fear that they will not wait for me either and I’ll be left lost or confused)
So I arrive dead on time, with a few minutes to spare just to find the correct place to wait, so I will always be first, and I patiently wait because I’m early and you have to give people time…

My absolute frustration comes when they aren’t on time. Actually more like when they are not even CLOSE to the pre-arranged time. And yes, traffic can be terrible and we can all have bad days but when a person is left waiting (as I am) for 55 minutes after the arranged time I think that’s poor.

And look maybe it was my fault this time, I forgot to reply to an email to confirm as I thought that it was obvious that I was going to come considering I’d asked for a time to meet. And maybe if I had none of this would have happened.
It still doesn’t make my frustration any less…

So I guess the dilemma actually is how long do you wait?


the girl still (not patiently) waiting.

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  1. This is so me, year 7 I was half an hour early and year 13 I was getting into class just as the late bell was going off. The same happened with work and I'm sure it will with uni too. I am always on time but my friends are sometimes two hours late and I don't understand how, so I feel you

    The Quirky Queer

    1. 2 hours! You have far more patience that I could ever have!
      It's funny how our need to be one time decreases as we go through school. I thought it was just me!


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