Photo Diary: Wilson's Promontory and the Ulitmate Camping Checklist

February 22, 2016

Recently I may have spoken about spending more time exploring the vast expanse of country that is my home and even more recently than that I may have mentioned the best going away treats which hopefully was clue enough that I went on a mid-week mini break and it was delightful!
Credit to my fabulous friends for this one!
As I think we all do, I compiled a list of everything one needs when going away -camping in my case. I also, whilst away had time to reflect on the thing I would have and should have done differently. That being the case I thought I'd share them hopeful that it will help someone or at least be a point of call for myself for next time!

Let me just say that this list does not cover everything you could ever possible need. Seriously, there are list out there that cover everything from potato peelers to CPR classes, which is great but for a mini break or a trip that is not in the wilderness, probably not.
Squeaky beach
On a side note: it is always wise if you are thinking of going somewhere to check what facilities they have and what is needed. In our case things like barbecues and drinking water but this is not always the case and it is always wise to check (and double check!)

To begin you're going to need something to sleep in, and on;
Tents, Sleeping mats, Sleeping bags and Pillows
Make sure your tent has pegs in it before you leave and that you have a hammer to get the pegs in if you hit hard or rocky ground.

If you're going somewhere with little shade (like we did) bring a marquee or some sort of shade cover so you don't spend the whole time in the hot sun.

Obviously you'll need somewhere to eat. I've been to places with almost fully kitted out camp kitchens which are great! There is no need for bringing tables and kettles or stoves.
However I have also been places with nothing. It becomes a matter of research (again).

As I said before where we went had barbecues so that we left the portable stove at home. 
We still needed;
Table and Chairs
Plates, Bowls, Cups and Cutlery
Cutting Boards, Knives, 
BBQ Tongs and Flipper, Egg rings (if you like your eggs and bacon), 
Can opener and vegetable peeler
Oil spray
Foil and paper towel
Washing up implements and detergent

Decide on what sort of foods you're taking, take into account how much need to be kept cold. The less you have the easier it is. That being said you still will need a portable fridge or esky to keep some things cold.

Along with food it's always nice to have some drinking water with you. Chances are (depending on location -so check!) that there will be taps but these can often be chlorinated and drinking water just tastes better.

The final few things are more obvious (but not to me...);
Clothing (check the weather before you go), bathers, towels, hats and sunscreen (because I am so pasty!), insect repellent and a little first aid kit (just in case).
And something I forgot: A TORCH!!! It's much nicer at night to be able to see...
Although you can see the stars..
Optional but encouraged extras include;
Camera, books and games (I have almost every board game in card format which is the greatest thing for taking away!)

Some no hassle sweet treat (like these ones).

Some amazing Gal Pals! These are a must for any trip away!
Love these gals!

Happy exploring!



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