January Favourites

February 04, 2016

One month down and eleven to go! Actually, that's not true where did January go? I swear a week ago it was only the beginning and now..?

Happily though, the time has come, once again where the month has ended and I can reflect on all the things that I really enjoyed this month.
I feel that every month there are actually more items that I mean to share with you that made my month great but when the time comes I cannot actually remember.

Anyway! Here are January's 'remembered' favourites:

✩'Netflix and Chill'. Well really, just the Netflix...
In particular 'Pretty Little Liars'

It's not usually the type of show I would watch (my favourites being British mystery) but it was recommended to me by a friend and there it was on Netflix, so I watched it. I have to admit that it wasn't half bad. I quickly watched 2 seasons without trouble. I had to take a break though, there was too many things I needed to do and I found the episodes dragged on for too long.
That doesn't mean that I won't catch up to date. *mischievous grin*
An honourable mention to '3rd Rock from the Sun' which I also watched on Netflix. I find it absolutely hilarious, and strongly recommend you go and check it out!


As I said before my favourite TV shows tend to be British mystery and at the moment Lewis is at the top of my list. 
(It has nothing to do with my crush on DS Hathaway *sigh*).

Chromecast is a little device that plugs into your TV's HDMI slot and casts shows from your phone, tablet or computer.
Since I only have one computer but I love to watch YouTube or Presto whilst I do bloggy things or stuff on my computer. Split screen is a great invention but my screen is too small to work effectively. Chromecast lets me play to the TV and still do things full screen on my laptop. When the TV's free and no one is home casting Lewis or Pretty Little Liars is now one of my favourite things to do. Alternatively I cast YouTube and can bake whilst watching vloggers. I know the technology has been around for some time now but I have only really come to appreciate it recently. 

Sadly I couldn't be there when I was writing this post (╯︵╰,)
I have spent most of my summers at the beach for most of my life. When January rolled around this year, I was back at the beach again. Swimming in the morning and taking in the warmth. My favourite place to relax. 

✩Books -She reads some more!

Just a small selection of the past months book stack.

The more of this I write the more it looks like I've spent January vegging out and doing nothing. I promise that's not true!
But back to the books, I've been lapping them up recently. Finish one, on with the next. I seem to have a rotating book stack from the library. No particular theme but all great reads!

It's been a while since I've had some proper time to sit down and sew. After relocating my sewing desk (from under a collection of half-finished projects) I rekindled an old project. I'd forgotten how sitting and creating something all by yourself can make you feel. There is something so very special about making something that is unique. It forever carries a personal touch.

✩Revlon brush set
These brushes rarely spend time in their pocket. Most a daily items in my make-up holder!

I don't want to say that I've been slumming it when it comes to brush sets but when I bought this set just after at some Boxing Day sales I was surprised at the quality. My last set (because I always seem to buy brushes in sets) had come as a gift with purchase some years ago from a small makeup brand and I was due for an update.
I really only set out looking for a blush brush (since my last one moulted on my face for the last time!) but Revlon was having a big sale and the whole set was cheaper than buying just the one I needed!

Back to the brushes. I think I am in love. Whilst the quality of these brushes was always going to be much better than my previous set I was surprised at how soft and nice to use these brushes are. In some cases I have been converted. I now use the powder brush daily instead of my kabuki and love using the angled blush brush for subtle contouring.

✩T2 drink bottle
The magic strainer/infuser!

I love tea but I am one of those people who brews a cup, leaves it to rest and then forgets about it. When I finally remember the tea has been sitting for too long and is far too strong.
This is the brilliance of this drink bottle. The bottle comes with a strainer which you fill up with loose leaf tea. The bottle is well insulated so that the tea stay warm for hours. I was worried that this would mean that whilst my tea stayed warm it would brew for too long. But fear not! The strainer does not let the tea get too strong! I actually have no idea if it is the size of the holes or just pure magic but it works and that makes me happy. I can brew a cup in the morning of something fancy, take it to work and it is just perfect come morning tea or even lunch time!

✩KitchenAid Stand Mixer

My baby! 
This really should have been on my December favourites list, but sadly I didn't do one. 
I bought my KitchenAid a week or so before Christmas as a present to myself (because we all deserve a little something from ourselves pre-Christmas day!). I'd always wanted one and had been dropping hints to my family and friends for most of the year. Sadly I couldn't see it ever happening so why not spoil myself?
Ever since I've used it for all sorts of things different things. It whips cream so much faster than I could ever get with a hand-held mixer and makes dough with the greatest of ease. For some reason it's inspired me to try baking new things. So far I've made cinnamon buns and ice cream from scratch which I'd never done before!

And finally!

30 Day Fit app

Now to say that I've loved this app would be an outright lie! It's really more of a hate but it makes me feel good app. 
It started when Anna Saccone-Joly spoke about her workouts and how there is really no excuse for not working out. You always feel happier and more energised afterwards and it's good for you!
My issue is always that I lack the motivation to work out without stimulus. I need to be working towards something and have set exercises to do to achieve this.
So I found this app.
The workouts start simple enough and slowly build as you progress through the 30 days. I won't lie it's sweaty and there are moments when I wonder why I am doing this (because my thinking always gets in the way) but overall, all the sweat is worth it really. I find that I feel calmer and in a better head space after doing these exercises.

Play some good music loudly, get over the ick and reap the results, right?

I sure hope so...

What have you really liked in January, anything you think you couldn't have gone without?



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