Photo diary; Mt. Donna Buang and a minor disaster

February 05, 2016

Day trips through the country and road trips were a common occurrence of growing up in my family. I guess that comes with living in such an amazing country like Australia. A trip in one direction can get up to dusty country townships with their rustic treasures and a couple of hours in the other can have you in lush green rainforests or sandy coastal beaches.
My parents and grandparents took pleasure and pride in showing us the vast landscape that is our backyard. These are often some of the memories I hold dear.
We recently went on one of these adventures to the Rainforest Gallery, a tree top walk at the base of Mt. Donna Buang.
Nothing could ruin this picturesque landscape, right?
Enter 'the klutz', played by me. Obviously...
There is a little corner of pink poking out of my pocket. This is me gripping my phone like my life depended on it!
I am my own worst nightmare!
Honestly, I now understand why my father used to get so frustrated at me and exclaim "I can't take you out anywhere!" You think that after 19 years I would have learnt to be more careful with basically everything.
It wasn't really my fault I was being really careful to not drop my phone down the grated floor and noticed my lens cap in my pocket. At that moment I thought it was wise to put it back on my camera.
So what did I do?
Bounce it right off the front of my camera and down the rainforest floor whilst trying to place it on the lens. It was quite impressive really. The distance it made in a matter of seconds skittering across the leafy undergrowth was something to be seen.

With that minor disaster out of the way I decided that today was the perfect day for an OOTD. I mean the location was gorgeous!
Just because we were going out on a walk doesn't mean that you can't dress in a way that makes you happy. Provided that your shoes are comfortable then what's there to stop you!
This is my go to skirt I got it from 'Dangerfield' a while ago. I absolutely love it because it goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and gives me a nice sixties vibe.
Today paired with a stretch top for 'Valley Girl' (with a collar for extra sun protection) and my wide brimmed 'Sportsgirl' hat I felt quiet stylish surrounded by all the sports/hiking wear.
Add some purple, rainbow socks and low heeled T-bars and I was ready for anything!
If only the photos did the leafy greenness justice!

Happy exploring!



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  1. You live do live in a beautiful country, Id love to visit one day :) We have some amazing places in the UK too. It's sometimes hard to believe how pretty the world can be.

    Corinne x

    1. Australia is most definitely worth the million hours it seems to take to get here! The UK has some of my favourite places after home. The world is fantastic like that!


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