Tips from the disorganised; Time Managment

February 15, 2016

So I was really proud of myself, I had found a diary I liked (in the hope that I would stick with it all year) and had got into a regular habit, keeping it well updated. It took me a little longer to find a calendar but once I'd got that I took pleasure in keeping up with the date by crossing off the days as I completed them. Things were looking great! So, one morning, I decided to share the tips that I had taken on board to become more organised with my time.

Then in true spirit, to show my organisation I am sat on my couch watching movies and posting this blog late. *face palm*

That being said things are better than they used to be. So from the time tardy, here are some of the ways I've found work best to keep on top of your time:
#1 Get a calendar
Hang it on your wall and write all you're important dates down. You'll find by the end of this that many dates are written down twice. I tend to choose which meeting and thing feature where. All day events and super important things get written down on the calendar and many smaller get togethers only feature in my diary.
As the days go by strike them off the calendar.
This is something I have been doing since my year 12 exams. While it can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking physically seeing how close things are, but it provides a good perspective and keeps you on top of the date.
#2 Get a diary & Take advantage of your digital diaries
Set out your days on the page and honestly, write everything down!
I write absolutely everything down. If I'm meeting a friend for lunch it's in my diary, got a class, in the diary, whole day with nothing planned? probably down in the diary.
I also write my blog topics (in pencil) in the day they go live, hopefully, at least a week before they're due so I know which need to be edited (or written!).
Sometimes though, my diary is too bulky to carry (or forgotten), so in those cases I document everything on my phone calendar, and set alarms. Alarms are my best friends! The annoying little tinkles that go off just when you're least need them to. They save my life and keep me from forgetting things I've organised.

#3 To do list are the boss!
It is almost every morning that I write myself another to do list.
On it goes everything I want to achieve for today.
There is some special satisfaction that comes with crossing items off a busy list and something even better when you crumple a completed list.
Adding items to a list means that I never forget half the things I want to do in a day. It also lets me gauge how my time there is to waste (binge watching movies etc.).

I'm not even going to pretend that I'm moderately organised. Not a day goes by that I'm not in a mad rush to get somewhere or I forget something but little things like these really do help hold it together.

I actually got my act together (at little a least) after reading a post by Nicole over at Thrifty Vintage Fashion and thinking, "I can do that!" Because that's all it takes really, the act of doing.

Plus, if you're super unorganised like me and some of these things only leave you feeling partly organised. Pulling out a diary when organising things with others at least makes you LOOK like you have it all in control!

And there you have it! Another thing ticked off!

Have you got any other tips for time?



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