A list from the pathetic blogger

February 08, 2016

Top 10 reasons I fall short on the blogger scale...
Disclaimer: please don't take this too seriously. It's more of a joke than anything! But still all true!)

I was a pretty pathetic blogger for the entirety of December and MIA in January (although the time off was a well needed break).
During that time I compiled a list of reasons I don't fit in the 'typical blogger' status.

Out on the internet there is a great number of beautifully made blogs. And I know that while I am a fairly new blogger and that we're all different I have compiled a short list of my greatest blogging fails.

#1 I lack the ability to schedule a post. I'm not talking being unorganised and leaving my post to the last minute. I'm talking the inability to schedule the post and LEAVE IT ALONE! I'll have a post scheduled and then spend every 5-10 minutes worrying about the post and logging back in to check it and change it. 

#2 I'm a foodie but sadly not a food blogger. I love food and have a great appreciation of the time people spend on plating (I often envy it). However I eat my food before remembering that it was pretty and I should have taken a photo of it to post on social media.
Delicious croissant and hot chocolate, well, it was...

#3 I have a complete and utter lack of rose gold or copper. I love it, it's beautiful and yet I have none, zero, zilch.

#4 I don't understand the marble trend, like, at all. Actually that's I lie. I can understand marble as a cooktop, marble as a background for a flat lay photograph but marble shoes? marble bed spreads? Nope, you've lost me. If there is someone out there who actually can explain the joy of being able to blend in with a marble column on a day out then please, come and convert me!

#5 I don't do reviews. Like, at all. I'd love to, really but I can never find enough words to describe how amazing something is or how much I enjoyed it (or disliked it for that matter). I read on another blog today that not doing review is a way of (potentially) better quality post on your blog because there not the same old, same old. Maybe I'll just have to work on, maybe I'll find another way.

#6 Self promotion

I came to the realisation recently that coming up to February when I was going to start blogging again I could have been reposting about blogs from 'the vault'. It dawned on me that self-promotion requires organisational skills that I just don't posses and 

#7 What was it?
If I got a dollar for every time I forgot that wonderful blog post that popped into my mind. Well I'd probably still be broke because I wouldn't remember to put in the dollar. I am too forgetful! Even the times I get to writing the post half way through I'll look at my screen and ask myself "where was this going?" And sadly the flow never comes back. The amount of half-finished post that are floating around is incredible!

#3 oops. #6 nope. #8?
I can't count. You'd think that after 13 years of schooling I'd be able to compile a list that went from 1-10 sadly almost every second d number was wrong (thank goodness for editing!)

#9 Flat lay photography. I was quiet proud of myself earlier when I remembered the name for the typical blogging photography. Then I remembered, I couldn't actually do it! No matter how hard I try there are odd shadows and even stranger angles. Photography is something that I am determined to work on but it's taking a lot of time and the steady realisation that I'm going to need to buy props and backdrops and WAY more practice!

#10 I don't have a niche, nor do I really understand it. I'd love to be a fashion blogger, or a beauty blogger. Heck, I love to be a lifestyle blogger if I knew what that really meant! When did finding your niche become a) so challenging and b) so hard?
Can you just be a natural blogger? Can that be the next big thing?
'Natural blogging' writing what you like how you like with little conforming. Is that a niche?

Enough complaining. I started blogging because I was looking for a next project, something I could throw everything I had and watch it grow and change. I hope it will stand as a record (somewhat) of now for the future.
I love the idea that others will see the things I write and someday (with practice) I hope to inspire others.
We're all unique. So I might fall short here and there, but who doesn't!
You don't always have to jump on the bandwagon to achieve your dreams or become a good blogger.

So be unique and be proud!



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