Shopaholic - Market Haul

March 12, 2016

I'm starting to wonder if I'm becoming a shopaholic, these days I seem to find any reason to go and have a browse and more often than not end up leaving, purchases in hand. However, that being said I don't think I fit the bill of a usual shopaholic, I go op-shopping. Thrift shops, Charity stores, Car-boot sales, these are quickly becoming my shopping havens.
It's not easy, finding something special in a pile of clothes the size of a small car but there is something so rewarding when you do, and ever more when it FITS! It takes time and patients and a lot of pulling things out and holding them up.
So today I thought I'd share my most recent fashion purchase from this summer's markets.
There's not a lot of actual clothes when it came down to it.
But I am very, very pleased with what I collected. For example,
I am in love!!!
I am a coat fanatic. It's a little ridiculous considering I live in a country that vary rarely gets colder than about 12°C but I just can't stop.
It was one of my goals in life was to have a trench coat. I think they are the peak of the coat game. Every one of my favourite characters in the movies had a trench coat. It was a dream for me. However trench coats often come with very heft price tags.

With it only being $4 who could complain! When I pulled it out I knew it was mine! All MINE!

They say that red-heads can't wear orange, but doesn't watermelon count, right?
I am a jumper junkie. These days they are all seem to own, which is both great and terrible (especially when all you want is hoodie, just once).

Who can turn down some pure wool Scottish scarves for a dollar?! I mean, I sure can't!
There you go!
My latest season of market shopping. Luckily all for the coming up weather, when it comes...
So get out there and rummage a bit, you'll be surprised what you might find for a bargain price.



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