Am I a horrible person? - Dealing with typos

March 14, 2016

Firstly let me just say that in no way am I perfect and flawless. Heck I readily admit that I am a walking disaster on almost a day to day basis! And in no way am I free from the typo monster,

So, please don't hate me for what I'm about to say...

I don't go out in everything I do and look for flaws. I just happen to notice things and think, "That could be fixed".
My major problem is that often I'm too shy to say anything just in case people take offence. An act that I set out to be caring could really offend another. So the problem just stays there...

So, I have a question to pose;

When reading something, that someone has poured their heart and soul into is it mean to send them a message along the lines of, "Loved you post! It was really something else. I wish I could come up with content like that. I just happened to notice a typo."? 
Is that nasty? Pointing out someone else’s mistake. I know that personally when a friend told me about a typo I was mortified that I had missed it. I was so embarrassed that I quickly rushed to a computer to fix it and prayed that no one else had noticed.
Deep down I was glad that someone had told me. It meant that I could fix it for the future and if I ever read it back I wouldn't have to facepalm at the terrible mistakes that I'd failed to pick up on.

So is it wrong that when I read something that I love I want to tell the person that they wrote 'be' instead of 'me'? So that they can go and make their fabulous work perfect.
Am I being too much of a perfectionist?
Should I just leave the mistakes there?

I know that it is so hard to proofread your own work. When reading things back to myself my brain reads what I want it to say rather than what there. It takes a second pair of eyes or a new perspective to pick the littlest things up. That's what they are, little things that everyone looks over.

But would you rather have everyone politely ignore it or someone to say; "Hey this is some pure gold writing here, which I adored. I honestly wish I was a witty and thought-provoking as you! I just noticed and wanted to let you know that there was a little grammatical error. Nothing serious just 'x'.
I wish I had the skill you had! Never stop writing, like please, don't.

Everyone does it. Makes mistakes. I've read books and blogs written by massively famous writers and even they have little tiny errors.

Am I just being a nit-picker? Or is it something you would like people to tell you about?
Please, please post your thought below. Kind act or too far?


(the one whose mum still corrects her typos...)

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