A letter to February

March 07, 2016

Dear February,

What happened? Where did you go? I thought we had something good going on and then poof! No more. No note, no calls, just the lingering of something that was once special and now is gone.

I have to confess, usually I let you pass by, and don't even bat an eyelid, but this time, February you were great and I miss you.

I miss the lazy days, spent lying in the shade. The sweltering days and long balmy dusks.
Photo cred; James R
You forgot to take the heat with you. It stayed behind frying the new grass shoots that had vainly tried to reclaim the dusty earth.

I can't compute going back to school with such heat.

Reflecting back I enjoyed the time we had,

What have I done? I fell in love with another books series, sadly the series is still being written (I don't want to have to wait!!).

I baked a LOT!

I tried so many different things this month. It got hard nearing the end to find new things to bake. The more I baked the more confident I got. I wanted to try new and more complex things but couldn't decide where to start. Something I'll have to achieve this month.

I travelled and explored.

I slept and (didn't)

I got to sew!
Granted it was curtains (which I will show you sometime soon) which is quite different from the other projects I have endeavoured. As much as I love sewing I never seem to set myself time. I am always starting projects and so for once it was nice to finish one. I'd never actually made curtains before, it's a different experience.

I danced, oh, it is so nice to dance again.
I had momentarily pined for a dance class once or twice last year but to be actually back in a studio working hard has been the best.

February was the month that I got things back in order.
It was the month that I really realised how much enjoyment my blog brought me. I came up with a slightly different header, which brought me more enjoyment that the previous one.
While the time away from my blog was peaceful I found that fitting little things in like taking blog photos was not only easy to do, but very enjoyable.
For the first time in a very long time I was creating funny memories all by myself.
For the first time in forever I was making the little images in my head, the ones that usually get pushed aside and marked as 'impossible to achieve' were being created, all by myself.
I started to realise that I could actually be a creative person too.

Contrary to what I believed for the whole of my schooling, I found that I enjoyed writing. While I haven't really 'found my voice' I loved being able to write what I wanted, how I wanted.

Cheers February, 

You've been great.

Until next year,



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