Photo diary; Canberra Exploring

March 25, 2016

On my list of places I had to go once, Canberra was very, very high up. 
Not really because there was something I really wanted to see, just because it was so close to home and it’s the nations’ capital. 
I figured it was somewhere I needed to visit at least once in my life.
I won’t give my impressions of the city yet. Everything was closed up for Good Friday but so far it is completely different from anything I expected. I pictured big city, it's big but not in the bustling city way.

Only being a 40 minute flight from Melbourne, we had most of the afternoon to explore the city, and explore we did! My family has a knack for walking excessive amounts on the first day. No relaxation for us! Miles and miles just to canvas the area.
Canberra is pretty, spacious and green.
I was so proud of my outfit today. Not as I put it on (because I sort of carefully threw it together), but when I pulled my suitcase out of the car and it matched my coat which almost matched my bag which together with my white tights and little t-bars, looked like one of those little girls out of a movie (the rich one where everything matches).
This is probably my favourite coat. For only its second outing I am so pleased with it. It was one of the many coats/jackets that I picked up in my most recent bout of op shopping (something I plan to cover soon) and was definitely worth the $12 spent. I was so glad when I left this morning that it was cool enough to warrant a thicker coat. I always like having one to cover all my bases, plus its so pretty!
The afternoon warmed up but my choice of Esprit sweatshirt worked well in the warm, but not too hot, weather.
It was only when the sun had fully set that it got cooler and even then I stayed warm.

You’d be surprised how versatile a carefully thought through outfit can be. Something pretty can also be practical and comfy too. Even after a massive day walking and exploring.



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