November Favourites

December 01, 2015

Didn't the end of November come around so quickly! It feels like only yesterday that it was the first day of November and there was lots to do and now here we are at the very end and there are still so many more things to do! 
Because I enjoyed writing about my favourite things last month (here) I thought I'd share them with you again.

These items are in no particular order. They are all items that have made me really happy this month. 

I've started with beauty and skin care again.

#1 Natio Self-Tan Mousse

Let me put something in context, up until recently I hated the idea of fake tan. I'm pasty bordering on snow white and I have always preferred to stay that way than run the risk of being a patchy orange. But I participate in an activity that requires the use of fake tan for competitions so tan I must.
I picked up this Natio self-tan in a 50% off sale because they are no longer making this product but they still make the lotion.
Anyway, as someone who had never tanned I was terrified that I was going to stuff it up. I read millions of blogs and reviews so I knew all the ins and outs of tanning. I shouldn't have worried so much, this tan is beautiful. It goes on smooth and the smell, ylang ylang orange and lavender is great. It dries quite quickly and I haven't had any problems with it rubbing off on my clothes or sheets.
I have to say I have never tried any other fake tans but this is a great product. However, I do have a little trouble seeing the indication colour that helps with application but I don't have major issues with application anyhow.

#2 Natio Blush and Bronze -Sunkissed

Here she goes with all the Natio products again! I would like to apologies I actually won a competition this month which is how I got this blush/bronzer. It's normally not something I would pick up but I have to say it's pretty great. Each colour can be used individually or your blush brush can be swept around all the colours and applied for great results. I love makeup but am surprisingly lazy when it comes down to it, so I have found this to be perfect for everything I need and the mirror is huge!

#3 Revlon Covered Lip Brush

The thing that makes me adore this brush is the fact that it has a lid! The lid also slips on to the end and makes a really lovely to use long brush. Lip brushes are something I slip into my bag along with the lipstick I'm wearing that day. I have a lot of lipsticks that doesn't have the best tips and so that this brush is the best. The brush itself keeps it's shape when in use allowing you to use the fine edge as well as the flat edge for a perfect application.

#4 Body Shop Skin Sponge

I got given this puff as a thank you gift which I though was a little strange, so I just stored it away. But when it came the time to fake tan I grabbed it out and it is the best exfoliator I've ever used. Its rough without being to scratchy and has become one of my essential items.

This month’s fashion favourites were essentials in my wardrobe.

#5 Turtleneck

I only own one turtleneck and it has been my favourite item this month. I pick this on up from a second-hand sale at school about three years ago, when I was looking for something to go under my quidditch robes. Recently I pulled it back out again and even though we're meant to be getting into summer I seem to be wearing this a lot of the time! I pair it with jeans and a leather jacket (what I call my James Bond look) or a skater skirt this light knit has been great for the cooler spring days.

#6 Wide Step T-Bars

I had been looking for a pair of flat shoes to go with my vintage dresses and I found these! Since purchase I have worn them every weekend as they go with pretty much everything and a great for long day out!

#7 Colette Handbag

I feel like I haven't stopped raving about this since I bought it!
I bought this beauty from Colette and haven't stopped using it since. It fits everything in it with space to spare. One day I had my DSLR camera in it and the next day I had a cookbook and there was still room for a small drink bottle and other assorted handbag junk.

#8 Days of August Heart Necklace

I picked this one up from a design market this weekend which houses local designers. This one came from Days of August a sustainable and carbon neutral designer from Adelaide. At the moment this has become my everyday necklace being made from simple stainless steel, I'm also not as concerned about it getting wet.

I seem to change CDs about once a month. This month CD of choice;

#9 Adele 25

When I was planning this post Adele's latest album was actually at the top of the list. The very first thing that I have adored all of November. Since I bought it I have played it every day on repeat in the car. I loved Skyfall and thought that Hello was beautiful and didn't really think much more of it.

Then I saw Adele -Live in London (on TV sadly) and I think that I sold myself. Listening to her talk and seeing her as a really person. She just seems lovely with a great sense of humour.
Her new album is beautiful and so moving. I love how it makes me feel and I love how really she is.

Finally I found that this month late night weekday movies were the greatest time to go to the movies.

#10 Late night movie -The Dressmaker

Have you ever been to a movie late at night on a weekday? 
I did...
I went to see the dressmaker and the whole experience was great. Unlike when I usually go to the cinema on the weekend, the whole cinema complex was empty and there were no queues anywhere. 
On to the movie itself.
The Dressmaker is an Australian film set in the 1950's and is a revenge, comedy-drama.  As the name suggest it's about a dressmaker who returns to her small country town after being sent away. I can't really say that it's a very happy movie but the CLOTHES! They were so beautiful. Imaging a dusty, sunbaked, small Australian town and then imagine them all wearing 50's Haute Couture! I was amazing! Starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth and Hugo Weaving playing what become my favourite character, this film has become one of this year absolute favourites.

What have you loved this month?



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