DIY Bauble Wreath (a minor disaster...)

December 05, 2015

I wasn't actually going to share this seeing it ended up a little more of a disaster than I had hoped, but if it makes at least on person laugh today then I'll be satisfied.
I still, hopefully have a Christmassy crafty project to come (with some of the littler ones) which will hopefully work out better but here is the first.

DIY Bauble wreath
We've had the same Christmas tree decorations for my entire life!
Laid out on the ground it looks fine...
There are some really pretty things in here..... somewhere....
In fact, Mum bought the baubles when I was really small because they were "child safe" and supposedly unbreakable (a few years back I think we broke some because we dropped them from the top of the tree).
Needless to say I feel that our family really needed some new decorations.
I wanted to go out and buy some lovely pretty (and probably sparkly) ones but felt that I should re-purpose the old (so that we'd have no choice *insert evil laugh*).

So here was my attempt at turning the baubles into a beautiful (pinterest worthy) wreath!
To begin with I cut all the strings off the baubles so that they wouldn't get in the way or stick out from the finished wreath.
Then in group of three to five (depending on how many baubles you have (I didn't have nearly enough!) thread them onto lengths of short wire and twist the strands together to make a tight cluster.
My plan was to join all these clusters together to form a wreath but I quickly found not only did I not have enough baubles but they were never going to hold their own shape!
So I wound them round some tinsle which made a pretty looking mess...
Really the tinsel and the baubles spread out was probably even worse than having just lone baubles but I didn't really have enough supplies to make it all work...
The beginning, before it all went wrong

If I'd been seriously commited I would have gone and found the hot glue gun or some hose to make a strong base which I could attach the bauble clusters to.
But I really wasn't... so I ended up with this...
Which looks lovely and artistic but doesn't do anything that it's supposed to!

Except make a lovely, if not slightly crazy, Christmas hat...
Stunning... no?
So now the attempted wreath sits in a pile on the hall stand waiting until someone (me) rescues it and turns it into something else (probably a collection of baubles again...)

Hope all your big Christmas ideas work out WAY better than mine.
Until next time


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