It's finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December 20, 2015

So, as I said previously, I had gotten bored with our families decorations because for most, if not all the years of my life the decorations have not changed. The same baubles and trinkets go on the tree every year.
Maybe it was because there was no theme or pattern to our tree, but whatever the reason I had had enough.

So I went out and bought some new baubles. The theme began as burgundy and sparkly champagne and ended a collection of reds, golds and far too many sparkles!

As you can see there is a lot of red and way more glitter than this gives credit!
I surprised myself with how easy it was once I decided that I was going to go shopping for new decorations. I went to a Christmas shop (which I hadn't done since I was little). I was completely
overwhelmed by the size of the store. There was a section for dancing/singing plush toys, and entire warehouse sized rooms filled with outdoor Christmas lights and rows of decorated trees to give you inspiration. 

So I had the baubles for ages waiting for a REAL tree. First time ever! It was a pretty exciting experience!

Then I had the tree and the baubles waiting for me to get home from work and be motivated enough to decorate. Which was a task that was quite fun but for some unknown reason I had kept putting it off...
This is the tree with the old lights because
 I stupidly hung them without checking the worked!

After that I had almost completed tree minus the lights because our beautiful old lights (that were the type that, if left on, still got VERY hot) with their little cages of death (to step on one accidentally is a fate worse than stepping on Lego) had decided to retire and not work anymore.

But finally now we are complete!
Tree, baubles, lights and all!

It's beautiful to finally have this wonderful smelling tree covered in sparkly baubles shining brightly. There's something really nice about finishing decorating your tree so close to Christmas too.

This year’s tree is so different from anything that we're had before and I'm a little chuffed because this year, I really did this tree all by myself :)
I still kept some of the cute little decorations, like this adorable skiing Santa
This is the first time that our angel (that my mum liberated from her parents) has ever been on a real Christmas tree!
Have yourself a merry little Christmas!



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