Facing the New Year

December 31, 2015

My favourite place to spend New Years is at the drive-in
So here I lay with my feet in the air and the remains of Christmas scattered across the floor and wonder, where did the year go? One second it was August and suddenly only hours remain of 2015. 

That being said January seems like it was decades ago. Why is time so fluid that way? I remember looking forward to this year with great excitement and now it is coming to a close and I feel a little out of time.

2015 was a big year. Without realising, this was the year where I learnt a lot of things about myself. I guess that happens when you make a big change. For me it was graduating High School. 
I graduated at the end of last year. So this year was the first time ever without a school routine.

So much of my life I had spent in the same 9-3.30 routine and this was the year that that ended. Which was scary but also very exciting. Suddenly my world had opened up. No longer was I a little private school girl. I was just a person like everyone else who go up and made the morning commute to work/uni at a ridiculous hour. A person who had time in the middle of the day to do whatever they wanted!
Goodbye to the days of homework and sports.
Hello to the days of sewing and baking and fun! (Well at least that's what I had planned?)
I had high hopes, which became more aspirations as I found that sometimes, it's great to just do nothing at all.

I did a lot of nothing at all. It is an absolute mystery how I managed to wither away the hours but in all that time I found that really you can be happily alone and not lonely at all. 
But when you do get lonely often friends are only a click or phone call away.

Honestly, when all is said and done I didn't really have any plans or resolutions for this year. I never really seem to make them. I live in constant fear that I will never achieve them so I stay safe. 

Next year (this year?) will be different. I have decided I will set myself some blogging goals. Little achievable things that hopefully by the end of the year will be routine.

#1 Read more.
Blogs! Books! Does it have words? Yes Please!
I realised when I started blogging that I really didn't read enough of what was out there and I have barely made a dent in what is out there. I would like to explore more of what is out there. I have slowly realised that blogging is a community that I need to explore.

#2 Regular posting.
For once in this blogs history (which is really quite short) I will post regularly. I have always had great respect for those who can blog 3 times a week and I would love to be one of those people. I suspect that it takes a lot of work but hey, I think I'm ready for this commitment.

#3 Twitter chats
A couple of times this I have been on twitter in time to catch the end of a twitter chat. It has always been a plan of mine to take part in these but for me they require prior planning (and early morning alarms!).

#4 Improve my photography.
This will probably require buying a new lens but taking photos for my blog has been a really learning curve and I would love to improve my skills.

#5 Explore
I have a 'sentence a day' book which I have been (partly unreliably) filling in this year. January 1st I wrote that I would love to travel more and see places that I haven't seen before, both here and internationally. 
This I am going to continue next year. I am going to explore new places because exploring is fun!

Without further ado I'm off for this year! 

What are your plans for next year? 
Whatever they are, may your year be exciting and your days filled with happiness.



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