The things I'm missing out on..

November 05, 2015

I had an exam this morning... ew

Then I spent the rest of the morning and the hot afternoon walking around the city looking for a place that sold nice cardstock and pretty craft supplies for some invitations I'm making.
About halfway through my trek, I realised the exact store I was looking for, a Paperchase! I tried to remember the last place I'd been to one because I knew they'd have what I needed.
Then it dawned on me...

I live in Melbourne, Australia.
The land down under that has ZERO paperchases.

And I've only been to the UK once!

So here is a quick list I compiled after feeling really stupid of things that would be nice to have in Australia. Don't get me wrong I love my 'sun-burnt country' but there are times (especially as the thermometer rises and the bugs and creepy crawlies start appearing everywhere) that I think it would be nice to be somewhere else...

The Great British Bake Off and Comic Relief Bake Off.
There is just something not quite the same about the Australian Bake Off (not to mention you have to pay for it) when compared to the small snippets I have seen of the original. How long I will have to patiently wait for it to broadcast down under I don't know but be sure to know that I am waiting!

Free museums!
Imagine my surprise when I found that all the museums in the UK were free!
As a bit of a nerdy person I love a good trip to the museum but with general admission costing $14 these trips become few and far between.

Books in hardback editions.
For some reason when every British author I follow published a book it is a hardback version and I get a little bit excited. Then when it get printed for Australia, for some unknown reason it is ALWAYS paperback. I for one will always prefer a hardback book with a pretty dust jacket.
If someone knows why this is the case please do let me know.

More frequent trains.
Now I don't actually know how possible this actually is so please don't take this the wrong way but having a train coming every couple of minutes would be much nicer than missing a train in Melbourne and often waiting up to 25 minutes on my line for the next one.

And finally paperchase, because seriously they would have done today and saved me HOURS of walking and Googling today. I don't think there is an Australian equivalent or that really there ever will be.

Did I miss anything? Please do add anything you think I'm missing or maybe from another country that Australia could do with. I'm sure there are many. Let me know in the comments!



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