#Handbag Goals

November 21, 2015

Tomorrow I am going to  buy a handbag.
There is no doubt about it. Tomorrow I WILL be the owner of a new handbag.

A bit of context;
I haven't had a handbag since I was about 12 (back in the days when Billabong was the coolest brand around!) which is a decent period of time to go without. There has been many days where I have steadily filled up my hands with stuff as I can't stop purchasing but refuse to get a plastic bag for little items. Image those little children that pick something up and drop something else in the process making this adorable routine as they re-find each item with joy. That's me except it's not adorable just plain embarrassing and very stupid of me!

Since my last handbag I have been one of those people who carried around their phone and wallet in their hand which has been fine because I love the look of my wallet. It's a handmade bi-fold clutch-like wallet made from vintage strawberry shortcake fabric with a layer of clear PVC to keep the fabric nice and make the coins and card stick (oh well!). But a few days ago when fabric shopping (which most definitely need both hands) I almost left it behind in the store! (I was only saved because I need to pay for the fabric and realised I didn't have any money!) So I decided the ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I need a bag that I love that isn't a little canvas thing and will be my handbag!

I would like to point out that I have small clutches that I uses when I go out but they require me to unpack my wallet because it is too long and they are just too small. The constant rearrangment means that I almost leave home without my debit card , never have the correct loyalty cards and always misplace my myki (train pass) when I am in desperate need.

So as you can see I clearly need a handbag but I can't decide what to get...

Any suggestions?

I am thinking of checking out Review and Kate Hill and maybe Olga Berg as many of my favourite clutches are from there and they have the nicest fabric linings!




I did it!
After a seriously emotionally draining shopping experience I found this beauty
Isn't it wonderful! *heart eyes*
in Collette as it was closing. I literally dived into the store and began picking up every second bag until I come across this one and I think I'm in love!
It has really sturdy lining and pockets inside and keeps its shape regardless of how much is inside which I love because I hate a floppy bag!

That's all...

I'm so very happy!


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