Spring Favourites

November 11, 2015

Spring has sprung in this part of the world! Although we have probably had more rainy days than actual sunny nice ones. That being said it is still technically spring regardless of the weather so I though I'd share with you some of my favourites so far this season.

So this actually began as an October favourites post but as exams got closer and we got further through the first week of November and my days kept getting busier I decided not to give it a miss completely and make it a spring favourites post which encompasses some of the things I really loved and enjoyed in October and a few little things that I've found this week and am simply really adoring!

Starting with beauty, hair and skin care;

#1 Natio Lip Colour in Rose 

Natio is an Australian brand that makes plant based beauty products that are reasonably priced and always beautiful on the skin. They do not test on animals and a percentage of their products are vegan. It was the first company I ever used when I was growing up (I was given some as gifts from family) so that for a long time it was really the only brand I used.
Some of the previous lipsticks I have bought from don't have a lot of colour to them so I was happily surprised with the length of time this one lasted for. I'm getting a good 5 hours before it need a little top up, which includes some eating and drinking. The lipstick is really smooth and creamy and has a beautiful natural scent to it. It has a matte finish and heaps of moisture which stops my lips drying out. I absolutely love it!

#2 Natio Cleansing wipes

Bit of a brand theme here and that has nothing to do with promotion at all! (Although that would be nice..) As I said before grew up with this brand and it is usually the one I turn to first when looking for makeup. These days I do shop around and am starting to expand my brand collection but at the majority of my products are still Natio at the moment.
These wipe are my lazy approach to a proper cleansing routine. Seeing that the weather has still been reasonably cold in the evenings, I haven't been using my other cleanser as it requires water and the cold tap in the bathroom is evil! These wipes are super soft and don't leave the skin feeling dry but nicely moisturised.

#3 Natio Dramatic Lashes Mascara

Now I only recently got this mascara but it is actually the best thing I've tried it a long time. The day I wore it was quite an emotional one and it did not run at all. The spherical brush helps give the lashes great volume and the formula strengthens and conditions the lashes and smells absolutely dreamy.

#4 Natio Wellness Hand Cream SPF 15
My hands are often terribly dry and I am always so bad at remembering to moisturise them but this cream makes me feel so happy that recently I have been enjoying moisturising. It is not an overly secented hand cream with just the faint smell of yummy pomegranate. It absorbes quite quickly into the skin so that you don't end up with oily hands and as a bonus its SPF 15! I find that after putting it on I have the softest smoothest hand. Actually I'm going to put some on now...

#5 Formula 10.0.6 - Overnight Success
These little patches are a miracle when I have annoying spots. Pop a patch on before you go to bed and they get rid of or at least significantly reduce the size of the spot. The patches are clear too so that people can barely tell you have them on.

#6 Braided buns

This began as a lazy throw together when I was sick of having my hair down. Braiding the front kept the fly-aways off my face and bun took care of the rest. For most of my life I've had a fringe so that pulling my hair completely back is a scary prospect (partly because I think I have a big forehead) and I've never been good at choosing the right couple of strands to pull out to create the artful messy look either so the braid is easy and adds a bit of something instead of just a thrown together bun.

My favourite music at the moment;

#7 Michael Buble - It's Time
This has been my driving companion for all of October. I have listened to it so many times that I have most of the songs completely memorised and enjoy singing to it over and over again in the car.

A study saviour;

#8 Crash Course
The educational YouTube channel covers pretty much everything I've ever needed. Who thought that I'd turn to YouTube to help me study!
I first watched Crash Course 3 years ago when the channel was fairly new, for Biology. Those days it just consisted of the course in Biology and one in World History. I found it super helpful and subscribed to the channel which I promptly forgot about...
Recently, studying for my anatomy exam this year I refound it again and it has been the greatest study aid I have ever had!
Seriously it has probably saved my grades many times. These days there are so many more course and if you are studying go check it out and see if it can help you too!

Finally, what I’ve been enjoying doing;

#9 Crossing days off on my Calendar

When the weeks get busy and things start building up I really enjoy getting out my sharpie and crossing the days off the as they go. It helps me keep things in perspective and allows me to prioritise better. I feel more organised when I do this. Give it a try if you're looking for ways to keep visually organised.

#10 Pumpkin carving.
I have never had an opportunity to carve a pumpkin before. The seasons have always been against me and Halloween is never very big in Australia. This year, I watched with great jealousy as many people in the norther hemisphere carved away at all their pumpkins. I tried looking for the right type of pumpkin (that wasn't a butternut) in every supermarket nearby with no such luck...

Until the Saturday of Halloween when the green grocers in the shopping centre had thousands!
So much to my excitement I was able to carve a pumpkin!

I have to say I think I will try and do this every year seeing it was so much fun (even if I was left smelling like pumpkin for the rest of the day.

So there you have it some of my recent favourites. If you have any questions about anything let me know and I'll try to answer it.
What are you loving at the moment? I love reading these kind of things. Let me know!



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