Crafty Invites to a fictional dinner

November 06, 2015

I thought today I'd share with you my latest crafty feat.
My friends and I are planning a murder mystery party which, may I say when it came to adapting a small party so that it would work for 30+ people is not an easy task. I have to confess I didn't have a lot to do with character creation or evidence development so when the opportunity came to making fancy invitations for the fictional characters dinner party to go with their character instructions, I gave myself willingly.

I have to say I wasn't originally very happy with how these looked to be turning out (that mid creation blues) but with some tweaking of my original plan I ended up with these. Which aren't perfect, (if I'd had my way the printing would have been clearer but that required a whole new printer. The mounting would have been nicer to but I stupidly had assumed that I had the correct mounting glues at home.) but they're not bad.

The process;

Obviously if I could do calligraphy I would have handwritten the invitations but because that's still on my to do list I printed the words on vellum paper using 'Edwardian Script' from Word.
I then trimmed them down and stuck them to the 150x150mm card using a regular glue stick (which wasn't my first choice but was on a little bit of a deadline. Next time I would probably use glue tape.)

To make the outer I used doilies and spray painted them black then stuck to the card.

Ta Da! Pop in an envelope and send!

Are you doing anything crafty at the moment?


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