One of the many truths of growing up...

November 16, 2015

As a child being given gifts was one of the greatest things to happen. There was such an excitement surrounding the event and you knew that it was going to be totally awesome.
Why can't I find overalls like these anymore!?!
Unfortunately, there comes a time where the gifts you were given as a child are no longer practical to keep around.

That being said...

Just because it really should go, doesn't mean I don't love it...

I have gotten to the age where I no longer have the space to keep every gift I was ever given. I would have to have another room or two probably lined with shelves to place all the stuff.

For the last 10+ years I have never completely cleaned out my room. I have just chipped away at the bits that find their way near the main floor space, usually putting them in a little hidden corner somewhere.

That being said I have never been entirely happy with my rooms layout. Which this week I decided to change. 

Recently I realised it was time to get serious when it came to the stuff that goes unseen but somehow fills my room. For this stuff, I have two option and sadly only one that's practical;

#1 Find a magic wardrobe/shelf space to store all the little nick knacks and gifts that are no longer used frequently because I have either grown out of them or the technology has evolved.

#2 Sell or donate to charity.

Which gets me to my point. Just because I have to put something in a bag to take to the local op shop doesn't mean that I never loved it. There is also a very high chance that I still love it, and an even bigger chance that for years it gave me endless hours of joy.

I think this post is partly to convince myself...

Sometimes it's actually fine to let things go. Yes, they may have cost a lot when they were given to you and yes you feel really bad because someone spent time and money to come up with and buy you this gift and now you're just giving it away. But realistically times change and technology changes too but the memories don't.

They stay...

And that's what should be more important.

So why let the dust gather while you keep these things tucked away because you're too afraid of what people may think if you donate it.

Let someone else make memories with it.


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