I love you but seriously stop talking...

November 19, 2015

Since graduating last year I have been spending a lot more time at home. University timetables just don't run the same as school does so there would be some days where I'd be there all day and others where I wouldn't at all. Also, summer holidays are SUPER long! (already on break now... don't go back till March...)

So yeah, a lot more time at home...

Which is absolutely great! I have so much time to do so many different and new things! For example;  My baking skills are so much better and I more confident tackling those harder recipes knowing there is a higher chance that things will turn out ok. (Provided I just have one recipe going at once... B two or three different things at once is not the best idea...). I have had time to begin to teach  myself piano and sew dresses and even had time to seriously rage a war on my room which is going to be amazing really soon!

But it can have a negative effect...

All this time has also meant that when my family gets home all I want to do is talk to them, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk AND TALK. About everything and anything! What I did today, what I watched on Youtube, the colour of the roses this year, the ducks (which I seriously think are planning an attack), plans for tomorrow, the weekend, my emails, Twitter. There doesn't seem to be a limit!

(The weird thing is I am often a quiet one with friends. I want to say that I just go with the flow but I would be lying. I just don't really like sharing (but will always share my baked goods!).)

So that my poor family cops the full force of my chattiness. Which just continues regardless of the 'no response' tactic.
The strange thing is that these days, after almost a full year I catch myself talking too much. I'll just look up at the person I'm talking to and realise that probably for the last five minutes they weren't actually listening. Which triggers the response, 'I love you, but please stop talking.'

Oh dear...

Anyone want to chat with me?




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