Daylight Saving

October 04, 2015

So here I am, sitting on my deck at 7pm no cares in the world...

The sun hasn't set yet and looks as though it has hours left to go...

And I'm struck with how strange a concept daylight saving is...

They took and hour from our morning (and my sleep in) and placed it basically in the evening so there is more light at night (for the moment). Eventually there will be more sunshine in the morning too. Generally more sunlight all round (yay!) 
But to begin with you have these really long, late nights because you loose track of time because the sun is still shining.
And you end up like me happily sitting on your deck, completely forgetting that you should probably get some dinner before it gets too late and nothing is open, only feeling slightly tempted to go inside by the ever so quiet buzzing of that STUPID MOSQUITO!

Besides him though, there is really no reason to move. 

I love spring, 

Even when it gets to 30ºC so early in the season...

Even when it's planning to stay that hot for a couple of days...

Then rain and get reasonably cold again...

Ok, so mostly I love spring


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