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October 24, 2015

Sitting at my desk today I found myself struggling to stick to the task at hand. My focus must have been averaging at the grand total of 5 minutes and I began to wonder why?..

Then I realised that I was missing my ultimate study buddy! Tea!!

Now I'm not a massive black tea fan. I find it too bitter when it's black and too weak when it's with milk so I don't really bother. Nor do I particularly fancy green tea (after a terrible experience in year 8).
That being said I adore fruit teas. I find them the perfect addition to my desk top.
Since my discovery of 'other' teas our tea shelf has expanded to the point where it is more tea cupboard than tea shelf in the breakfast cupboard. Even though it's not the tidiest place in the house it is this little lovely smelling corner filled with a mismatched collection of little of loose-leaf tea and a multitude of coloured boxes of tea bags.

I though today I'd share with you my current study favourites.

#1 T2 Summer Fruit Loose Leaf Tea
Close up this tea look quite red, and almost blood like (but it's yummy!)
This on is an old T2 fruit tisane I think it was called 'Summer Berry' (looks to be very similar to twinkle berry) and it was probably the first tea I ever bought. This is the same tea as the one in the strainer at the top of the post and is a tea I always come back to for its fruity flavour and sweet nature. On colder days it makes a great warm tea and in summer works perfectly in as an ice tea.
Right now my supply is getting a little low these day so it looks like I'll be heading back to try some of their new teas 

#2 Twinings Butter Mint
My mum found this tea in one of those little stores that has odd bits and bobs and lots of Dutch sweets. It is one of the greatest combinations I have ever tasted in teas. Late at night or when I'm feeling a little off I always find a mint tea is the best thing. Well, this tea combines the soothing nature of a mint tea with a beautiful, creamy vanillary butter flavour. At first I wasn't certain that I like this tea, but after some stressful days this tea is one of my favourites and always makes me feel better.

#3 Love Chai, Original Chai Pyramid infusers
I picked these up at a design market late last year they are the cutest little silk pyramids pack full of spice that you can see topped off with adorable little tags.
Now this tea smell amazing! but it is a little on the bitter side so that I usually mix it with a spoonful of honey and it makes a perfect tea. I also find that one teabag does a couple of refills and still taste pretty good.

#4 and #5 Pukka teas (all of them!)
I am super jealous of anyone at all who lives in the UK when it comes to Pukka teas. I first fell in love with the chai at home because you could smell the spices through the box and they smelt amazing. Then on the first day in London I went into a Waitrose for some odds and sods and found that there was even more there. In fact they had a whole section of Pukka teas, most of which you couldn't get in Australia. I have to admit that I brought a lemon and ginger home with me and it has been the greatest until it sadly ran out midyear.

So there you have it, my favourite teas at the moment. The ones that are currently getting me through university exams.

Do you have any favourite teas that you always find yourself coming back to?

Any new ones I should try out? Let me know!



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