Kickin' it old school...

October 06, 2015

I left my phone at home today, and my headphones - although I don't know what I was planning to plug them into!
Now I think about it, I left my key at home too... I'm not doing very well this morning!

I suppose I could have gone back for them.
I had a little time to spare and I realised before I got too far away but I'm not going to be out for too long so why bother?

Once upon a time, this is how people used to ride the train, no laptops, no phones, no headphones -well maybe headphones, Walkmans were a thing in the 80's after all.

The lack of devices allowed me to think. Which is mostly a good thing, I get to collate my thoughts, create plans and well... daydream.
However sometimes my thought spiral out of control and I get worked up about little things which is not so good. Luckily the worrying was kept to a minimum today.

The lack of distractions allowed me to watch the view outside my window of EVERY stop which I never do because I'm always reading a book or doing something on my phone. Although half way through my brain completely tuned out and I can't say I remember some stations at all.

I got the chance to plan and write this entire blog for typing up when I returned to the land of technology. (In case you hadn't noticed the present tense which doesn't fit the time of post...)
I got to draw too.

But most of all I got to people watch. Not in a weird way, I just like to see what people are up, what the latest train entertainment is and of course, the fashion.

I can tell you that on my train today, there is an increase in laptops, and many more people watching videos on tablets.
Nothing exciting in fashion, no special statement pieces.
Just people being people, which is awesome. You do you!

Actually it was quiet nice not being able to check, or to feel that I should be checking because most of the time there is very little worth checking that can't wait.


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