Sometimes, there's no place like home

October 15, 2015

The sun was too hot...

The lecture room too cold...

And the lectures far too long...

I mean, I have the attention span of at best 50 minutes so two, two hour lectures back to back at lunch time is asking for trouble.

The day had become a massive list of things I had to do first before I could get home.

I don't even have anything exciting waiting for me at home.
But even the fun activities after uni, that I usually at least partly look forward to just don't seem worth it.

Why not go home now?

Because I am someone who commits to something wholeheartedly. Don't let down the team/group/people!

Mostly I figure that I'm here so I may as well see the day through.

I think I'm mostly excited for the sun to set and hopefully the temperature to drop.

Excited to lay on the cool grass at home and stare up at the stars. Although it is pretty cloudy so maybe no stars tonight.

Maybe just lie in bed doing nothing much. What a great feeling.

Hoping for rain, then listening to it fall on the tin roof.

Fingers crossed

and my toes

Here goes...

Is it hot where you are? Does the heat turn your motivation to mush?
Let me know...


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