Photo diary; Royal Melbourne Zoo

October 25, 2015

Recently I when I had a spare day and nothing to do I went to the zoo.
Even though I'm not a major animal nut the zoo still seems to be one of my favourite places to go and I always find myself wanting to visit every couple of year. Personally, the zoo is one of the most fascinating places in the world. Every time I go it has changed (although the last gap between visits was about 5 years so change is understandable). It makes me realise how little I know of the animal kingdom.
On the most recent of my trip  to the zoo I took a tonne of photos which i thought I'd share with you here.

 Koalas are probably up there on my favourite animal list. I guess it's probably because they spend a high percentage of there time eating and sleeping (two great things!) and partly because they look absolutely adorable. (but I know they can be ferocious at night)

 The butterfly enclosure on a hot day is probably the worst place to be as it is always kept at a high humidity but I without fail will always endure it for the absolutely beautiful butterflies it contains and that little chance you always have that they will land on you.

The trick I discovered with this visit was to get there early. I mean REALLY early (before most other people) and so that you 1) manage to get around to every enclosure which must be some record because I've never managed it before and 2) saw many of the animals (which would usually nap during the day) awake and eating breakfast (yeah THAT early). But to be honest it really was worth it, there are always heaps of people at the zoo on sunny days and the extra time we had before it filled allowed us close up access to some of the busy enclosures.

I hope you enjoyed my snaps as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Till next time,

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