Face lift and facts about me

October 13, 2015

Sorry it's been a while between posts. My aim originally was to try and write something every couple of days, and I realise it's been longer than that but I had some things I wanted to achieve first aspects of that took longer than expected.

I came to the realisation recently that I've done this blog entirely the wrong way around.
I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to have your layout decided before you start your blog and not edit it along the way...

I was so very keen to get some idea out first while I had them and left my proper plan on the back burner.

So this is why 6 posts in things have changed!
It began when I wanted to make an image do something it probably can't which made me realise how dissatisfied I was with my blog layout. I'm still working on in but I'm much happier with things now than before.

Can I apologise to anyone who was reading my blog whilst I updated and fiddled around. I'm sorry it must have been seriously irritating to have the same posts updated and the layout constantly changed!

I also realised that I had never actually introduced myself (which to be honest is what I do in life also...) and that was rude of me,
So, as I should have done at the beginning...

Hi, my name is Caitlin and this is my blog that you have stumbled across. Welcome!
In the true nature of things here are some facts about me;

1. I am a lover of vintage clothing. Especially clothing from the 50's and 60's

2. I love to sew, especially my own clothes because then they always fit and look (usually) exactly as you want. Making my love for vintage a little more inexpensive with the help of my grandmother’s patterns.

3. I adore baking.

5. I have a quiet passion for taking photographs, although am not a massive fan a selfies.

4. I love a good book, although my tastes frequently change. One day all I want is action and fantasy and the next I just want to cuddle up with a little teen romantic. Ever since I got my car (a little VW Beetle <3) I have spent most of my time driving to the library.

5. I am a little bit of a biology/genetics nerd. I started studying biotechnology at university this year.

6. I went on my first trip overseas to the UK at the end of last year and I now all I want to do is go back.

Well there you have it! A little bit of me.
I hope you enjoyed it, surprisingly I enjoyed sharing.


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