A stairway conundrum

September 30, 2015

Friends, help me! I have a conundrum!

Seriously though, regardless of when you are reading this, this is a serious issue and I am in dire need of your advice.

Some basic facts:
When driving in Australia or the UK you drive on the left hand side of the road.
In America and Europe you drive on the right. 
Road rules, weird huh?

When on the escalators at tube stations in London you stand on the right hand side and give way to those walking up the left. Again, another fact. 
(Luckily a fact knew before I went to London and made a fool of myself.)

What I'm getting to is that there are set rules or ways that everyone does things and everyone goes and learns them so that things can run as smoothly as possible (most of the time).

So, my question is: What is the common courtesy for stairs?

Serious question. Have you ever considered it?

I only ask because today on the stairs I encountered people going the opposite direction on both the way up and down. We were all left doing that little shuffle thing that you do when people meet on the pavement and you both go one way and then the other. However on the pavement it is a lot safer! I almost slide down the rest of the stairs on my rear after doing one of these said shuffles (because obviously I am also naturally clumsy but never the less this use must be addressed!).

Seriously, where are you supposed to walk?
Are you supposed to walk on the same side as you drive (which is currently what I do) in which case you have to pay attention to which side it is they drive in the country. Or are you supposed to let the people walking up the stairs have the inside closest to the centre and therefore less of a walk because they’re going up? And if that is the case does that mean it changes with each staircase or do all staircases curve up in the same direction which seems too good to be true.

Well there you have it, food for thought...

For the meantime I could just walk down the centre of the staircase and get in everyone's way!

No, seriously,
Please do get back to me as this is a problem that will be an ongoing issue until it is resolved.

Thank you in advance…


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