Milo, Strawberry Smoothie/Shake

September 28, 2015

Recently I brought a new blender from Kmart. One of the ones where you make it up in a drink bottle instead of a jug, which I find really handy because I'm super lazy when it comes to cleaning up and my old blender made really nice smoothies but you couldn't drink nicely straight from the jug.
AND the drink bottle is the perfect size an pretty neat.

Honestly I'm not expecting the blender to last long due to my previous experience with ‘homemaker’ blenders (the last one didn't even last the first try) but so far so good (touch wood!).

I came up with this smoothie (or is it more of a shake?) combination one day when I should have been doing work. It's nothing complex and only requires a few ingredients but tastes, in my opinion better than good!

I fill my blender about half way with milk, (so about 250ml) add 3 or 4 heaped teaspoons of milo (Chocolate powder would probably also work I just like to pretend that I'm a little healthy using Milo), 4 large strawberries (or more if they are smaller) and a couple of scoops of vanilla ice-cream (at this point I lose all hope of having a healthy smoothie!)
Put on the lid and blend until smooth.

This is probably up there on my favourite drinks list right now. While it doesn't look or sound like much it tastes pretty perfect to me.
To be honest though I love trying new flavours, I recently tried one with orange juice and banana (amongst other things) which was surprisingly good. So if you have any you'd like to share any in the comments I'd love to try them out!

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