Well, here goes...

September 25, 2015

Who knew that starting a blog could be this complex and completely time consuming! It has taken so much fiddling and Googling just to get this far...

This was probably because I was so determined I was going to get this right the first time and also partly because originally I had decided that I would wait until the New Year to begin a more thought through blog.

Sadly I couldn't wait any longer...

It has to be a sign if all the time you spend away from planning your blog is spent coming up with more ideas that are bigger and better for your blog.

The final straw?

One of my lecturers set one of the major assignments as a blog task. Sounds cool huh? Not nearly as awesome as planned. The problem being that you didn't feel you had the freedom to tell it like you wanted. For example I wanted to talk about the food we ate and the cakes I'd baked and taken with me as I was doing the research for the assignment, but sadly they didn't have anything to do whatsoever with the subject.
I was still pleased with the outcome of that one blog post. Maybe I could share it with you? Let me know if you'd like that some time in the future.

However the assignment got me thinking (especially during the final write-up stage when my major procrastination streak reappeared) that maybe blogging could something I did more often. I've always been up for adventures and maybe here is my next big one, OUR big next one and that's pretty exciting.

Back to getting this first post right...

Have any of you tried to come up with an original domain name?
I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and was determined that I have something I really liked and was going to keep liking every time I logged on to write. 
Do you have any idea how long that took?
Days, literally!

Many of the names I tried had been taken, which is understandable, Blogger has been around for a 
long time so I can't just expect that all the name I come up with will be free. 

The frustrating bit was that a lot of the names were turned into blogs that were never used. After I saw a name had been taken I went to check out the blogs. Many of the names I tried were empty, which made me wonder if there people had such big plans that never blossomed or if they'd just bagged some names that were clever or cool just in case they ever got the feeling to write a blog. Which frankly got me a little annoyed.

Anyhoo!  I'm further than that now, my blog has a post than those ones. Someday soon it will have many more posts about many different things and be a sight to be seen!

But seriously now,
I want this blog to be a place where I can voice me (I'm naturally a quiet person when it comes to face to face conversation) and you can voice you and we can be friends (wow, talk about corny). This will be my place where I can talk about what life throws at me. It can be our place too and I'd love you to be a part of it with me.


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