Why I could never be a full time crafter

February 01, 2017

Let's just have a quick little chat, because it's been a while. I have been working on posts very regularly and cleaning up the mess I left in the drafts section last year, but very little has well, been published yet. Also I have a market stall coming up shortly and not enough stock to make me content that I could fill it... And I have another million little things that I have to tweak before I'm calm and confident that it will all run smoothly. Can you tell that I have completely freaked myself out???

Anyhoo, the past few weeks have brought to my attention how unsuited I am for the professional crafting lifestyle.

There was once a time where a part of me wondered why I didn't give more time and maybe effort into turning the hobbies that I loved into something much more. And since it was obvious that I was never going to be a professional dancer with the Australian Ballet or play a match at Wimbledon I turned my thoughts to making my own products.

And what sort of products was I thinking of making? I had no idea.

I guess you could say that I started this year with a goal (amongst many others); to sell at a craft market. I mean why not. I hadn't really thought about all the running around behind the scenes but it looked easy enough. Make some stuff and put in on a table.
So for the last few months, although more honestly it's probably been weeks I've been making (and learning about the thousands of other aspects to being a seller) in an effort to be market ready by this weekend

It's not easy....

Yesterday I realised where my problem lies. I cannot sit still. Believe me I've tried. The idea of spending an entire day sewing once seemed like a fantastic idea but honestly is just too much to handle. It's not that I get bored, I just need to roam, do a couple of things at once and then put it all down and completely change to doing something else.

So whilst the last few weeks of crafting have been fantastic and I am keener than ever to be making I just need to move away from stock and turn back to having sewing as a hobby. I could just never really be my own crafty boss (although I probably won’t stop trying 🙈).

So I'm going back to sewing now. This has been a nice break,
We should do this more often (hem, hem... NOT my fault in the slightest...)



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