Photo Diary: 2016

January 08, 2017

This last year has seemed to go much faster than most. One second I was relaxing in the summer sun, then starting university for the year and suddenly it was second semester, then I blinked and even that was gone too!
And yet reflecting, many of these moments seem so far away. As though I did them one or two years ago rather than a couple of months.
Now I week into the lovely paced new year, I thought I reflect on the months gone by through the lens of my camera.


January actually started with my first ever attempt at a surprise party. The whole idea of surprising someone for their birthday excites me to no end. I love the idea of spending time secretly planning things for other people. I happily shared my time and effort to make something that hopefully, brought lots of joy to those around me. Mum had a big '0' birthday this year and had decided years ago that she did not intend to have any gathering to celebrate. I however, invited her close friends round for a nice afternoon tea with delicate treats and fancy tea sets.

These photo line were really simple and yet very effective. The hardest part was probably printing the slides out!


February was really for holidays and doing things that I wanted to do. Flicking back through all the images taken that month many were for the blog, most of which gladly, actually made into live posts! Lots of baking, sewing and piano playing happened in February. (This being the month where I spent a majority of my time playing classic Disney tunes on the piano)(Yes, I have a very limited skill set). I look fondly on February remembering my "mini break" with friends.


March was a long awaited family holiday to Canberra. It had been too long since we last ventured out just my parents, brother and I. As someone who had never been to the nation's capital I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly happy with what we experienced stepping off the plane. Lots of sun and vast open spaces greeted the eye and drew attention to how unlike Canberra was to home. Canberra is like a massive piece of art with everything carefully placed to make an impact, to send a message.
The line here is taken from the current Parliament house.  The first building is the old Parliament house and in the far distance the Australian War memorial.


April included my favourite fashions which was the biggest adventure I think I have taken for my blog. Usually my fashion photos are taken in the "privacy" of my own backyard. I got to venture up to the National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda and take photos (with the help of my mum) in some really beautiful locations.


May was a very busy month according to my diary. It was a month of due dates and WAY to much highlighter for my little A5 diary, On the photo front there was very little at all, not so much as a funny little selfie on my phone. I should work on taking more consistent photos this year.


Speaking of selfies, if May was a disappointment then June was my month! I finally went to a vintage makeup course courtesy of my friends for my birthday the year before. It was great to learn how to nicely set my hair and do my makeup in a truly 50's style and the results were personally, fantastic!
I have never again been able to get such volume from my mascara!


July was fun. I adore winter anyway as you get to wear tights, coats and boots! It's really the only chance I get to wear my almost Christmas jumper which I love! July was a chance to take a break from study and adventure with friends for ice skating outdoors and enjoying the cold weather (if that's something that people do)
Some of my favourite photos were taken in July.
This one in particular.
I had so much fun taking these with my brother (shout out to him for putting up with my 'just one more' that was almost never ending!)


I got a new phone in August with a really nice, clear Leica camera. I had a lot of fun playing around with camera functions. We also got lambs!! I love lambs and it was really nice to see them frolicking around.
There a little to young for 'frolicking' here though...


September was busy again as I hosted another almost surprise party and decked out the house with streamers and paper flowers. These may now be one of my favourite things to make. They are really straightforward and yet make really beautiful decorations to hang on walls or use as table settings.
I also did all the baking again for the 'high tea' styled party. Never have I been so grateful that I have a KitchenAid, as it ran almost non stop for two days straight!


October came with wild ducklings!!!! Every year we wait patiently as a few ducks walk up and down our block hoping that they'll decided to have ducklings down at the dam again. This year we were rewarded with at least three families of little ducklings. I always get so excited when they come. There are the cutest little balls of fluff in the world!
Look at that fluff!
October is obviously Halloween too. Our family has never really 'celebrated' Halloween but last year I discovered the joy in pumpkin carving and so with a friend spent the afternoon hacking away a pumpkins.
Mine is the terrified on, hers in the stabby fork guy


November begins with my birthday, which I got to spend at the beach.
More and more I find that the beach is the one place that I am truly happy. The smell of seaweed and salt water is an instant stress relief and relaxes every essence of my body.
Later that month was 'Day of the Volkswagen' which as a child brought up by a beetle loving mother is the coolest day full of cars, Kombi's and hearty engines.


December was crazy busy with enough things to keep my suitably run off my feet. There was Friendmas, Christmas and seemingly everything else which, as always left me in a state of complete of exhaustion which as always, magically disappeared just in time for Christmas morning.
Afterward I was left with this feeling of complete loss. What happens after Christmas? I think it may be a rare occasion that I've had the chance to actually stop and reassess everything.
Can we just appreciate how aesthetic Friendmas was. No credit to me really....
I think I spend too much time reflecting and worrying about the not so nice things that happen in a year. I don't spend enough time thinking about all the great things I've done. If anything this post has made me remember some of these.

For those whose 2016 was kind of sucky: May 2017 be a thousand times better than the last.
and for those whose 2016 was good: May 2017 be even better than the last.

Happy New Year.



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