Letter to April

May 06, 2016

Dear April,

I realised while writing about March that if I filled the month in as it went along I'd have a lovely long post to reflect on. (I'm so smart yeah?)
Well, did I…

Well actually, I wrote that sentence at the start of the month. So, yeah?

I waste my time putting things off. For example, all the other half written posts that I started this month. Scribbled quickly on my way to something else, when I should have been doing everything else.

I’m a little embarrassed that an underlying theme of my blog seems to be my complete inability to ever do anything when I intend. 
Hadn’t noticed?
Forget I mentioned anything…

April, the month that the routine finally became routine!

Oh and had you realised? It was mid semester!
It snuck up on me and suddenly I had EVERYTHING due and NOTHING started. So yeah, I procrastinated a lot and got things submitted the day before they were due, or in one case, 15 minutes, which I will do, NEVER AGAIN.

What with all the reports being due right on top of each other I was pulling some reasonably late nights. Instead of wasting all my precious sleep time wondering in vain what to say next about nasal bacteria I decided to sleep and wake up early. After all, a friend always reminded me, an early morning is more productive than a late night!
Well I put that to the test. I woke up early before I was due to catch the train and got ready for the day, planning that then, I would be ready to start work.
Well I had a lovely morning routine and for the first time in a long time used my morning cleanser, had ample time to do my makeup, make some tea and eat breakfast.
Did I at any time actually do any work on my report???
Something seems to have stuck though. I still get no work done in the morning but my morning routine has never been better. I have never felt more refreshed at the early hours of the morning.

At the start of the month it was school holidays, something that, now I’m at Uni, I don’t get to experience. I did, however get to be part of an Easter ballet intensive.
Have you ever been part of a ballet corps?
Have you ever seen them dance, and thought that looks nice?
I don’t know how they do it! Years of practice I suppose. It is the most gruelling thing I have ever done. It's such hard work. I have never sweated so much in my entire life. I mean it was delightful being part of something and getting to experience the intensity of having such a short period of time (2 weeks) to learn an entire second act (30 minutes of almost non-stop dance) but wow! The respect I have gained for those who do this as their profession!
This lead to ballet fever. I missed dancing every second day and almost all weekend! I missed it so much that I took more classes. I seem to spend all my spare time dancing now, which is tiring but great!

Finally autumn is slowly making itself known. In the crispness of the morning and the early night. The coats are slowly making a bigger appearance which makes me so happy. I can have a different coat for each day of the week and it’s great!

My money disappeared in April. Like, a significant chunk. I have no restraint sometimes but oh, it was fun! So many new clothes and more fabric and, and, and.
See now why my savings are gone?
Not to aid my money woes, I started my quest for a new daily foundation and ongoing saga that is yet to see its conclusion. I have discovered that I am really fussy. REALLY fussy. I’m not sure how my friends can stand to shop with me. I’m insufferable!

The radio was annoying again this month. (Again with the pickiness!) We spent the month alternating between Adele and Elton John. It became slowly apparent that maybe I need to expand my music selection. Especially when we ended up listening to 90’s compilation CDs. When I say ‘we’ it was mostly just me and the car, so just me…
In my car at night. Listening to some really questionable music choices.

So thanks April. It wasn’t half bad…
But if someone would like to slow down the spinning of the earth I would greatly appreciate it because right now I constantly feel like I running out of time!



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