For Realz

May 21, 2016

I know! For a month or so there I had this roughly regular posting down pat...
And now what with my computer taking some time off and everything being due at exactly the same time, I've fallen slightly apart...
That being said, before the next post it's time some things changed around here.

Coming home from dance some nights ago, I realised that I’d been blogging in a bubble of sorts.
When I’d begun I’d been so keen on fitting in with everyone else and blogging like the same that every time I logged on to write, I’d leave special parts of myself behind. I'd keep some of the things I loved the most private not because they were personal and special but because I was afraid that it wouldn’t fit the perfect blogger image that I’d created.

I tried blogging like popular bloggers even when it didn’t feel comfortable.
I think this is why we a given friends. To make us realise what we’re missing and to draw attention to the special things we have and should be embracing.
I don’t know what I'd do without my friends. They are my inspiration, and my challenge and my greatest supporters. I think I have to give credit to my friends, they are the reason my blog evolves and changes. All it takes is a couple of words and I know where I want to be.
And whilst I adore my little blog there is pieces missing still. Not to mention my 'about me' page. Talk about something that needs some work! *cringes*
So here is me, filling in the gaps,
For realz...

Some of the things I love the most;

1. I have actually mentioned this one once or twice. It was a couple a sentences here and then here which I was ever so careful about. The fact is, as a child I was that little girl who waltzed up the supermarket aisle and pirouetted down the next. I was frequently told that I couldn’t stand still as my feet were always dancing.
So the fact is; I dance and obviously I always have. I thought midway through my teen years that dancing was a childhood hobby and even stopped dancing round the house. But really I was just afraid of starting at another new dance school and being the ‘new girl’. Well I got over that, and now I can’t see any reason why I’d stop. Dance is not childish as I once thought … and I’m (somewhat) happy to report I’m back to dancing the entire way home (when there are no people around!)

2. Frankly, call me an old fart but these days 90% of the music on the radio (and premade playlists for that matter) is somewhat disappointing… (she says trying not to offend anyone) I’m not saying that there’s nothing good out there, but it just seems to me that there is a lot of *other stuff* until you get to one good song.
This is probably the reason I listen to CD’s. Ask me what my favourite song is and it will most likely be from a time before I was even born. My dad call's my music choice "tasteful" but my brother just says it's bad... and Tiny Dancer by Elton John is probably my song.
(For you to play whilst you read)
I spent ages planning to have “Tiny Dancer” as the name on the back of my year 12 jumper (until they banned it). I never thought that anyone else had made that connection (I’m on the shorter side (5’4”) and I love dancing) until on my 18 birthday my dad called me that. Probably one of the greatest moments. I was his tiny dancer too. *tears up*

3. I would rather sew than spend a day out partying or doing whatever teens are supposed to do.
I have a dress mannequin that I both love and hate. Her name is Victoria (although frankly it varies with my mood) and she is lovely and voluptuous. Annoyingly, she has a bust that is 1-2in bigger than mine when set to the smallest setting. I very jealous of her big ‘personality’. Some of us just aren’t that perfect ok!
That being said she has been the greatest help when it comes to hemming and joining ballet bodices to skirts and making costumes, so I do love her dearly.

4. I have an intermittent Pinterest addiction which flairs up when hosting parties and looking for birthday gift idea. It’s great and while my Pinterest is no where near the caliber of some other bloggers out there, it’s a cool place for me and I think there’s going to be more of it on the blog eventually… After exams are done…

5. And finally, not all my big ideas work out. And I think that it's important that that is noted down. Basically, watch this space.

I don’t really know why I set myself such an ideal reflecting it was a pretty foolish move. I don’t know why I thought that bloggers all did one thing and not another. I made writing for my blog harder because I would reject things that I would have had fun writing. To assume that there wasn’t people like me out there was silly.
So thank you for those that bear with me. Thanks to those who sit and wait for Caitlin to finally say the quirky things in her head because I suspect that a percentage (if not all) of them knew it would work...
I’m done now…

I going to say more of what's on my mind than what I think should be...

As you were…



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