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April 28, 2016

Hello my dear friends! Long time no see!

Arrghh mid-semester is a disgusting time. I feel there is no nice way to tackle it,(actually productivity and forethought would probably do it)  but who has time for that?!?

Anyway, with the majority of my workload behind me, I thought get back into blogging with something new and exciting.

The Social Print Studio are running this cool projects that has inspired me to come up with a lookbook that highlights all that makes me, me. So I've come up with some styles that I would love to see printed in one of their funky photo books.
My dilemma, If I showed you all these pieces, which I would love to do, is not only would the post go on FOREVER, as I told you the nitty gritty of every single thing but I would run out of clothes!
I have a remarkably small wardrobe (probably due to the millions of half made items waiting to be finished), and everything in there is there for a reason. I’m pretty brutal like that. First they get demoted from hangers into the drawers, and then one day they’re gone. Poof! Usually to my cousin (who takes pleasure in wearing my old clothes just to stir me) or to the local op shops, because I could never dream of throwing a perfectly good item away just because I didn’t like it any more.

So today I have decided to show you a few of my “styles,” or moods that I have.

My wardrobe is a fascinating place, a place where vintage mixes with new and Alannah Hill hangs next to my handmade tunics.

What makes a person a person? The past…
In my case literally.

Fashion today is always changing but there is always this underlying need for “staples,” or “the basics.” These are things everyone should own, and occasionally there are items that I think, well that would be nice… but I’m not a “staples” person, nor do I ever wear things only once.
So many words in and no clothes yet… This is going well…

*Get on with it! *

 Lets start with "The dress"
Funny story about this one.
Two of my friends bought the same dress one day. Personally I couldn't understand that, how could you both walk out of the store with the same dress?  The next time we went shopping they found the dress again, this time in my size. So I let myself try it on, just to see...
But as soon as I put it on, I knew that this one was mine for the keeping...
So yeah, now we all have the exact same dress!.
But I honestly love it to pieces.
I'm going through a Peter Pan collar phase at the moment and have a general love for tartan. This dress is almost a dream come true and is the most perfect fit! I'm in love.

I thought that in all my outfits I should include one I actually made myself. Here is one that I actually completed!!! Although if I remember correctly it took me almost an entire year! As you can see it's a 60's A line dress from an original pattern.
I just love the colour. So many things these days are nowhere near as vibrant as they could be!
Paired with a short denim jacket and I feel transported to another time. The time of 60's mod.

Stepping back another decade. This is the piece I "borrowed" from my grandmother.
I'd just like to let you all know that I'm fairly sure she lent it to me. I just may not have ever given it back...
The photos don't do the skirt justice, It's actually a salmon colour shot with almost a green so that when it swishes, (and it swishes a lot!) it is constantly changing colours.

And finally...
I spoke briefly about this coat in my market haul and it is quickly becoming my absolute favourite for autumn. While the weather has still been quite warm the lightness of the coat allows a little extra something that's needed for the mornings.
And it's bright and vibrant. It stands out from the typical blacks and charcoal greys that fill the streets these days. Bright coats make me so happy.
So that's me, Peter Pan collars, lots of skirts and fun vintage inspired fashion!

Do you have any favourite items that just make you feel like you?



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing your different looks. There are so many lovely things but I like the A line dress you made and the red coat a lot! The photos are gorgeous too.

    Steph/Love Steph x


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