The perfect wardrobe

July 29, 2016

The key to the perfect wardrobe is as follows;

Every wardrobe should be filled with the essential items that create a ‘well rounded’, ‘well balanced’ wardrobe.
It should be filled with the season's ‘basics’, ‘staples’, and the much needed ‘statement pieces’.
A girl’s wardrobe should be 'minimalistic', simple and well organised. It should only contain the current season’s styles, none of those bulky jackets in summer and soft frilly dresses in winter. When we buy more we should be conscious of what we already own, ready to rotate and donate.


That’s right…?
And I am clearly the best person to lay down the law for wardrobe etiquette being such an organised individual. Someone whose wardrobe contents totally FITS in their closet.

So maybe you’re like me, and frankly many of the aforementioned words make you cringe in relation to your wardrobe. Maybe you don’t care, which is more than fine. Or maybe you are in a constant battle for space and need the saving grace of a company like Makespace (who will do exactly as the name suggests! But more on that later...)
And maybe just like me, you know that the hole in the wall, could be perfect, and have a secret Pinterest board devoted to it.

I wish I could say that I have my dream wardrobe. That I had as the title say, THE PERFECT WARDROBE and I was going to share all the tips and tricks that I used to get it. But the truth is my wardrobe is somewhat of a design fail. It's the standard 'comes with your house' closet, and so for the last 10 years I’ve been unhappy with my wardrobe.
Amazingly I have managed to keep my closet tidy through learning to fold in the tiniest way possible and precisely tuned organisation.
There’s a lot of stuff that I love in my wardrobe but the lay out is a joke.
I have a bulkhead that looks nice. It means my wardrobe has standard sized doors but frankly it's useless. Especially with the high ceilings leaving lots of potential completely wasted!
A bulkhead is the bit of wall above the wardrobe that in this case serves no purpose other than to be totally impractical!
As you can see currently there is more space above my wardrobe shelf than actually practical. It requires climbing a chair and shoving stacks of vacuum bags up with words of prayer, so that they actually stay. Don’t ever plan to get anything out of those bags or you’ll spend the rest of the day (or often night) packing it all back in and carefully balancing again.

So, when asked recently to talk about my dream wardrobe I quickly opened my Pinterest board and got back to dreaming!

Ideally I think everyone dreams of an infinite closet. With space to fit everything you have and everything you could ever want. But realistically, how many of us have the space in our house to convert maybe a room (or two) into the wardrobe we feel we need. I sure don’t.
But Makespace is helping people with this.
The idea is you pack your stuff up, and they'll send someone out to come and collect it, store it away safely and bring it back when you need it! Just like having that second closet!
If this sounds like something that would be perfect for you then go check them out and see if there's storage space near you!

If I got my way with my dream closet (which would require happily taking a sledgehammer to the bulkhead) I would have more shelf space and drawer space and a better organised hanging rack (or two!) On top of all that there are some clothing items that would always have to have homes (even though they are not the most practical for day to day wearing!).
This is my Madeline costume that I made for a dress up day in my final year at high school. If I remember correctly I whipped it up in one or two nights and am still proud of that feat. I’m starting to feel that I spent more time sewing than actually studying some times. Regardless there must be space for the growing collection of costumes I make.
Speaking of sewing. I SLAVED away on this dress.
This was the dress I made and wore for my year 12 formal. I have never seen a photo that does this dress’ colour justice. It is the most beautiful shade of deep ocean blue. Slightly green and just beautiful. I do believe whilst there are sections of the dress that make me cringe at the sewing it is something I will always make space for in my wardrobe.
I have this growing selection of vintage dresses from the 50's (courtesy of my grandmother and some serious hunting on my part!). If I actually had the space in my wardrobe this collection would continue to grow!

And finally
If I ever had a wardrobe essential it has got to be your favourite coat! I feel as though I talk about coats all the time but frankly no matter how many coats I own this will always be my favourite. It has gone everywhere with me. When I surveyed my family on the one item they'd make sure they took from their wardrobe their favourite coat always rated very highly.

But you know what? The most important thing in your wardrobe should be the things that make you happy.
If seasonal rotation makes you happy or colour co-ordinating all your belongings is more to your liking do it!
There’s nothing more annoying than a closet that annoys you as frankly it something we all use almost every day.

So maybe it's time you had a look at your wardrobe!
Me, I'm just going to sit right here and hope it all stays in there till next time!



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