Dear May

June 06, 2016

Firstly, I think we need to celebrate the fact that I manage to write 90% of my monthly reflection AS IT HAPPENED!!!

Call me a nerd, but when my friend reminded me that it was the 4th May I got WAY too excited.
There was just something so pleasing about saying 'may the fourth be with you' to people in a knowing voice, with a cheeky grin and waiting to see if they understood (I have friends who both watch and don't watch Star Wars...).

Moving on, I developed an obsession with salads at the moment. What do I want for lunch? Salad. What should I be making to take to Uni? Salad. What are you having for dinner? A really fancy salad. And I’m almost certain that with all the delicious dressing they are certainly not the healthiest option but there is something so magic about them…
It has gotten to the point where I actually went out and bought a salad dressing for home. SALAD DRESSING! I have started making my own salads, something that I could never be bothered doing before, but now there's a desire and it's not because I want to be healthy because I slather on that Caesar dressing I just want salad....
I also discovered that Grill’d makes the most amazing zucchini chips! It's like eating salty, crunchy batter but there's vegetables involved, which total justifies them! right?

I got really scared midway through the month when I thought I was going to have to do an emergency computer purchase recently as my laptop refused to stay on longer than about 2 minutes. It’s surprising how much I rely on my laptop, recently I have become not only attached but somewhat dependant on it. It comes with me almost every day to uni and quite frequently I have it out on my train journeys (like now…). and while I certainly have to admit that it’s not as new and fancy as it could be, I was not prepared for my laptop to die quite that quickly. (It probably stopped to spite me, or to get back at me for the couple of times I have unintentionally split things on it/in it). oops..

In that week I learnt that I wasn’t ready to upgrade, that what I had was just fine because we don’t always need to fanciest things. I also learnt that desktop computers aren't the worst things and still have their place, but running on Vista is...

I won a competition!
I have learnt recently that entering work competitions is the best thing. Actually entering any competitions that you are able to is worthwhile because you never know what you actually might win. I got a prize pack of Natralus Natural Paw Paw Lip Butters and have fallen in love. I'm a big fan of lip balms when I'm feeling too lazy to pick a lip colour or need to hydrate my lips. These are in all my bags now because they feel really nice and smell amazing! The first day I used the strawberry flavour I couldn't stop sniffing the tube (picture me standing at the train station sniffing a lip balm like a nutter) it smelt like strawberries and cream and was heaven! Go try them for yourself and see what I mean!

What else happened this month???
Mum got a new phone and I got FOMO like really bad…
Reflecting I'm actually a little embarrassed at how poor I acted. Nobody else probably even noticed but there were a couple of occasions I had to stop and reel myself in. The key one of these when I was finding all the faults in my current phone to justify the purchase of a new phone. WHICH I DO NOT NEED! Clearly I just can't let people have shiny new things when I don't...

Coming to the end of the month I finally realised that a work load would actually be much less if you start working on the things BEFORE they’re due. Sadly this new found knowledge came a little late as the end of semester pile had grown... TO AN OVERLOADING AMOUNT.
For one of these said assignments I tried my hand at a little amateur film making… ok, it was stop motion, about bacteria, filmed late into the night right before I was due, but the spark was there. It was actually quite fun editing the audio and making everything move at the right speed. I’d like to try it again some time, with better lighting and not the night before we’re due to present….
The rest of the assignments sat and waited for my attention which seemed to come only mere hours before they were due. I had a few close calls, which wasn't aided by the entire day away from work when I decided to make a princess Merida dress the day of a princess birthday party (but more on that another time). 
With all these tight deadlines I found that by opening the assignment link before the cut-off time you can actually cheat the system just a little and submit a minute or so after. Although I wouldn't recommed doing that ever because the memory of that night still gives me a little anxiety... :/
But they're all done now and all that lies ahead is EXAMS the destroyer of June...

It’s raining, its pouring my feet are still drowning… Gosh I need new boots... Preferably ones that don't flap at the front and back because the sole is slowing wriggling it's way off...

Well that was May,

See you next time, same time next year?



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  1. Please share the bacteria film!!! @CeciliaFabert

    1. I'll have to build up the courage for that one... It's very, very bad 🙈 laughably so...


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