500 words to March

April 05, 2016

Dear, I hope you meant well because really, you sucked terribly.
I’m serious, if I you ever want a do over I’m not sure I’d let you. Frankly I’m glad you’re over. Good riddance. I wipe my hands clean of the mess that was March.

I spent the entire month rushing around. Always in a state of perpetual lateness everywhere I went. You think after the first week or so I’d get used to a normal routine but evidently not. Not to mention that as soon as I was school holidays hit and my routine was fell apart with the waves of school children on the loose.

Time just always seemed to be lacking. There was never enough to get everything I needed done. Never enough for my master procrastination ways. I am the procrastinator who uses one thing as an excuse for not doing another thing that was a form of procrastination from the original task.

March, you had some pretty funky weather. Days of extreme heat and days where the thermometer barely moved. Days where I'd dress for the storms that never came and be left feeling foolish and sweltering.

Although I have to give it to you. I finally got my but in gear. Gone is 8 year old me from my room! Hello to a new space just for me! Currently my room is looking like a bomb exploded in a pig pen, but I’m sure that will quickly change *crosses fingers and toes*

Somehow in between all the no times I had time to sit back and read (and collect MAJOR library fines). I have never seen a librarian so disappointed in me. The poor woman.
I found my go to book when I’m sad, although I’m not entirely sure why. I mean the world is about to end pretty much the whole way through.

I started getting bored with safe bakes. After two months of weekly baking that is not challenging I begun to compile a list of things I’m going to try (and hopefully succeed with), which I promptly chickened out of.

I got to actually shop at Lush! And promptly found my favourite face mask. (Don't look at me, in case you're wondering)

And Easter! Easter came and went, too fast.
But there was holiday! A real family holiday for the first time in a long time. 
It made me so happy. And the place! It made me want to write a book, or at least a story. It made me want to research other times and the ways of people. There are places that just do that to you. I want to be creative after years of being told that I couldn’t.

Ok, so saying that the entirety of March sucked was a little harsh. When I began I thought that everything was going wrong. It was a tough start to any month. Friendships were crumbling and my schedules were failing me.

Maybe we’ll say that March was a test. A test which was long and gruelling but occasionally rewarding. Let’s just say the past is in the past… And I’m slightly glad to leave in there…

Here’s to looking forward to a much, much better April.



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